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Wind Energy

The wind energy generation sector is a mature market in Ireland. It is the fastest growing renewable energy source in the last decade. It is economically viable and environmentally friendly. It fits in with the national and global plan to reduce carbon emissions and minimise the impact on climate change. At Rengen Power we have a portfolio of wind farm projects at varying stages of acquisition and development. A recent example is Curraghderrig Wind Farm Project.


Solar Development

Solar energy is now part of the solar value chain in Ireland, playing an increasing role in energy provision and is growing exponentially as systems costs decline. It can deliver a real solution for the Irish Government in meeting CO2 emission targets as part of an overall sustainable energy plan. While solar development is in its infancy in Ireland, Rengen Power is an early market entrant. It is developing an increasing portfolio of solar farm sites, with each site possessing varying output capacities.


RGT Group


Our Services

  • Identification of appropriate onshore sites for wind and solar projects

  • Development & construction support for project clients

  • Operating services including general & asset management

  • Engaging with Irish banks on behalf of client to source equity funding

  • Liaising and negotiating with project owners/clients

  • Liaising/appointing external consultants & systems operators

  • Ensuring compliance with health & safety requirements

  • Preparing for project delivery plan, programmes & budgets

  • Preparing planning applications & survey requirements

  • Preparing tenders and contracts for power purchase agreements

  • Managing communications with landowners, local community government & local authority departments

  • Provision of 6 monthly and annual operations and maintenance reports

  • Overall managing and monitoring of project performance in accordance with best energy industry practice

Case Projects

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