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RGT Living is the property division of RGT Group. At a time of acute housing shortage in Ireland, RGT Living prides itself on the ability to source and acquire property representing value for money in the current market. A skilled team of professionals assist at each stage of property acquisition and development and represents a highly effective, experienced and diverse service. RGT Living has invested mostly in the west of Ireland, specifically in locations where there is a demand for social housing. RGT Living has forged a strategic alliance with associated housing bodies, specialising in social housing long-term government leases.

Our Brand
It is inspired by a team with a vision to create housing communities for the modern age. The well-being of people is at its core, creating contemporary homes in which people can live life to the full, have families or grow older in safe, peaceful and attractive surroundings. Radical in its approach, RGT group holds an achievable ambition to deliver housing projects in Ireland at a time of urgent need. It has gone on to raise significant investment under the RGT Group brand.


RGT Group

Project Sourcing
Supporting Government Housing Targets
Supporting Government Housing Targets
Project Sourcing

 ‘People first- Asset-first’ is a key principle of management. RGT Living’s services are primarily in the areas of Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase activity.

Our Services


  •       seeking and confirming support from AHB (Associated Housing Body)

  •       search for legal title on property

  •       desk-top study on property occupancy/rent and tenure

  •       relevant management company and MUD (Multi Unit Development) Act compliance

  •       compliance assessment and property inspection

  •       survey access and common areas

  •       strategy for the holding/purchase of common areas

  •       mapping, land registry & boundary issues investigated

  •       proposal on purchase is compiled & presented


  •       Purchase contract completed & properties insured

  •       Rent payments transferred to RGT Living

  •       Tenure management: rent, rent collection & rent reviews established

  •       HAP/RAS properties programmed for transfer to long-term social lease

  •       Refurb programme implemented where relevant

  •       Assessment carried out on AHB pre-agreed template

  •       Scope of works & budgets determined

  •       Works carried out, certification secured & handover managed

  •       Tenure liaison/tenure manager work with all tenants on an on-going basis

  •       Bring the asset back up to a high-quality standard

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