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The consultancy division of RGT Group facilitates the introduction of overseas clients, supporting a seamless transition into the Irish business development landscape. It brings built knowledge of relevant facts, solutions to critical issues and an exceptional network of contacts to the table. In effect it becomes a trusted partner for like-minded companies interested in investing in Ireland at a time of keen international competition. RGT Consultancy has delivered €multi-million projects in recent years.



Why Ireland

Our Services

  • Locate potential sites

  • Provide accurate research knowledge and information around policy, regulation and infrastructural requirements

  • Set-up and manage site visits

  • Provide top-level introductions at industry and government level

  • Provide legal introductions specialised in company incorporation, employment law & IP knowledge

  • Provide property consultant & real estate introductions

  • Provide top-level financial introductions

  • Direct clients towards appropriate research and educational institutions

  • Provide accurate information around grants, incentives & tax credits

Case Projects

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